Cake makes everyone happier

Cake makes everyone happier
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Friday, 16 July 2010

Something i need to get off my chest....

There are some words which are bandied about endlessly, usually to denigrate things which people take some pleasure in.

On this occasion, i refer to 'Feminism'. I can't think of all the times in recent months it has been used to criticize something or other. As you may know, some people have been referring to the Twilight saga as being anti-feminist.

I am sorry for mentioning Twilight, but the fact is that Twilight seems just another excuse for certain persons to decide what is or isnt setting a good example for young impressionable women.

I admit, I am a fan of the books and films (well, not so much the first film, there was altogether too much theatrical gasping and strained facial expressions for my liking) but as i am a relatively young woman and i leave no topic unconsidered, i decided to get my views down in print for the general populace to mull over.

Just in case you have managed to escape hearing anything about this rather unlikely love story, here is brief synopsis (obviously from my point of view!);

Girl (Bella) is bored with life, doesnt feel like she fits in anywhere, moves to rainy Washington to live with her gruff father and meets some rather 'hot' vampires at her new school. Then she embarks on rather ill-advised romance with one of 'hot' vampires and discovers a whole new exciting side of life. Subsequent stories deal with the perils of dating vampires, her best friend turning into a werewolf and being chased by a psychotic ginger vampire who wants to suck her blooooood.

Nothing too controversial so far, right?!

The thing which is getting most attention from critics is the intensity of the girl's relationship with her vampire boyfriend and the subsequent love triangle including her hairy best friend. Oooh they are both so dreamy....dribble.

Apparently her role in the love triangle is that of a submissive girly. Which is where the anti-feminist accusation comes in.

I'm sorry, did i miss something? In what way is any of this real life? Why spoil a perfectly good fantasy with the drudgery and seriousness of an 'anti-feminism' accusation. If you want to talk about things being anti-feminist, the media has been flying the flag on that score for many many years.

Men have been allowed their fantasies since the dawn of time. For decades, leading ladies of films have been chosen primarily for the way they look rather than their acting ability, and the newsagents top shelf is absolutely bulging with male fantasies of every shape and size.

Now something has come along which speaks to women of all ages, a lot of men are feeling uncomfortable about it. Well boo hoo. Why shouldn't we dream about having a boyfriend and an admirer as appreciative and saucy as Edward and Jacob? There is nothing wrong with wishing your boyfriend was as devoted and romantic as Edward, the vampire thing just adds that frisson of danger and stops him being too girly!

The intensity and drama of their relationship has drawn criticisms of being a bad example to young women. I don't think any teenage girl needs an example from a popular film and book saga on how to be intense and dramatic. I am an incredibly logical and sensible girl, but i can remember being all over the place at that stage in my life. Who wasn't? I actually think this is where a positive message lies.

The adoration involved in the story says one clear thing to me - you don't have to settle for anything less than being worshipped! Which is definitely a message that teenage girls could hear more of.

End of rant.

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